The Stuart Hall Outstanding Mentor Award

Stuart Hall was one of the cofounders of British Cultural Studies. His work as a teacher, scholar, and activist in the Birmingham School of Cultural Studies is legendary.  His students’ influence is worldwide.  The purpose of this award is to acknowledge activists, artists, scholars, teachers, and theorists who have cultivated influential critical communities addressing the Caribbean Philosophical Association’s concerns of shifting the geography of reason.

The Stuart Hall Outstanding Mentor Award began in 2018 with the approval of Professor Catherine Hall. 

The first recipient of the award is Professor Hazel V. Carby in 2019.

Nominations for this award should be made by September 1st for consideration of receiving the award the succeeding year.   The Committee will not consider self-nominations.   The nomination should include a statement on the nominee’s contributions, influence, and a list of at least three students or mentees of the candidate.   The Chairperson of the Awards Committee will then solicit letters from those students and prepare an overall dossier of the candidate’s achievements to present to the Awards Committee of the Caribbean Philosophical Association.   The Committee consists of all the laureates of the Frantz Fanon Award and Nicolás Guillén Award, and as the number of awardees grows, the Stuart Hall Award.  The nominations should be sent to